Planning a bachelorette is a lot of work hey? Let us take it off your plate!

Maybe you’re a little bit tired, or had it up to here with coordinating 12 girls itineraries, booking flights, and an Airbnb, Sarah’s being a bossy b, and Melissa doesn’t want to go over budget. Or maybe you’re just looking for someone else to take over so you can kick your feet up and cheers the bride to be! (We hope it’s this one)
Either way, this is where our decorating services come into place allowing you to enjoy every extra minute of Okanagan sunshine.

Inquire Below for all Package Pricing & Available Dates

Please note: Thursday and Fridays in July & August is our most popular and we often sell out, the earlier you inquire the sooner you area able to book your Kelowna Bachelorette!